16. Read 50 books (2/50) - Ecliple Novella

I just finished reading "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, an Eclipse Novella." I was not entirely impressed. The book is about Bree, who is a very minor character in the novel of Eclipse. Stephanie Meyer wrote this as an extension to the Twilight Series. After I finished reading it, I couldn't help but think that this book was all about making $$ and not really writing a good story. I was very disappointed because I thought all the Twilight series were great reads.


18. Try 25 new recipes (3/25)

I love to grocery shop. I coupon/sale shop so I tend to stock up our pantry a lot. We're moving in a few months so I'm trying to "pantry cook" and use up more of what we have on hand. The other day I was looking in my cookbook for directions on how to hard boil eggs (no, I don't know how) and saw a recipe for Huevos Rancheros. I had everything I needed and knew I had to try it!

It was DELISH! Glen and I both loved it. (Caleb missed out on this meal.) I made the salsa a little too spicy. I added re-fried beans to the recipe, spreading them on the tortilla before adding the eggs. We had them for dinner and it was a very filling meal. I will absolutely make this again!

(and an update on #47)
My veggie garden is doing pretty well. The zucchini have sprouted and are a few inches tall with flowers. The tomato plant is a little weak looking, but I got 1 tomato out of it so far!


21. Enjoy a Mom’s Night Out 4 times (2/4)

Last week I met my friends at El Senor for a Mom's Night Out. It was .98 Margarita night! Mmmm, I enjoyed 3 of those :) I even tried something new off the menu, I usually order the same things at Mexican restaurants. I can't remember the name of the dish, but it was yummy! We all had a blast talking about our kids, husbands, families and general randomness. Can't wait for the next night out!


13. Go to a Farmer’s Market

On Wednesday Caleb & I went to the new Farmer's Market in downtown Wilson. We had lots of fun even though it was HOT out! I bought blueberries, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and sourdough bread. I enjoy cooking with fresh veggies. I hope to visit the market again over the summer.

It was "Kid's Day" so there were extra activities set up. Caleb had a blast playing in the spray fountain. He was soaking wet when we left. We finished up our visit with a scoop of homemade banana pudding ice cream - DELISH!



61. Have ten date nights (1/10)

Glen and I went to see Iron Man 2 last night. We were in Raleigh and Glen's mom watched Caleb. Glen was dying to see it, I was kind of neutral on seeing it in theaters. I would have much preferred to see Sex & The City 2. :) Iron Man 2 was actually really really good. Good action, good story and good laughs. We enjoyed the night out!


29. Bake something once a month for a whole year (2/12)

This morning Caleb & I got up and started baking. We made up a batch of fabulous cake chews. I got the recipe from one of my playgroup friends. They are super sweet but always a hit. I have made these a few times for Glen's coworkers, and they always ask for me to bring more. This batch never made it to his work, because I had an unplanned trip to the doctor with Caleb. But Glen & I will enjoy them immensely. :)


10. Visit a state I’ve never been to before

I never imagined I would be able to cross this one off so quickly! Glen was sent to Venice, Florida for a 8 day business trip and Caleb & I tagged along. We drove down ourselves and had such a great trip! I won't overload this post with pictures, because I will post them on Caleb's blog and I put up a ton on Facebook.

While in Florida we: visited an orange grove, went swimming at the pool, played on the beach at the Gulf of Mexico, visited by Great Uncle, rode bikes, went to the aquarium (#7) and checked out the local splash fountain. It was all so much fun! I would love to go visit some other areas of Florida in the future.

visited 30 states (60%)
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