61. Have ten date nights (3/10)

Glen & I had a date night at the State Fair! It was such a great night out. We rode a few rides (big scary ones!!) and enjoyed lots of food. We shared: french fries, apple fries, lemonade, deep fried cheesecake, corn, and a Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger. The burger is awesome! :) I would like to make this a yearly transition to head to the fair sans kids!

88. Let him ride on the rides at the State Fair

Aunt Beth mailed Caleb ride tickets for the state fair. He was more than excited to use them! Caleb rode the jeep, carousel and the helicopters. On the carousel he kept saying WHEE and clapping his hands, too cute!


16. Read 50 books (3/50)

I just finished reading "Baby Proof" by Emily Giffin. I have read a few other books she has written, including Something Borrowed and Something Blue. This book was a good read, but not nearly as compelling as her others. It was a typical chick book :) I am now reading Harry Potter again, I need to get into some new books soon!

And side note, I found this picture when Googling "Baby Proof" and it cracks me up!


68. Have my nephews & niece over for a sleepover

I'm very excited to have completed this goal. When my sister and I were young, the coolest thing to do was spend the night at our Aunt Lee's house. It was always such a treat and I have a lot of good memories of our time there. I love being the "cool Aunt" who gets to do similar things with the kids.

Beth & Earl are about to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, and planned a big night out to see Jeff Dunham and spend the night at a hotel. Glen & I took on the responsibility of Beth's 4 kids for the night! We had a blast! The kids played outside, fought over the Wii and loved spending time with Caleb. We made 3 pizzas for dinner and a cake for dessert! (Completing 4 of 12 for #29. Bake something once a month for a whole year)

I don't have any pictures from our sleepover, *someone* borrowed our camera. :) But here is a picture of the 5 kids from our last visit to Grandma's farm.