And we're done!

My 1001 days have ended. My little blog was neglected over the Holidays, so let me update a few goals!

16. Read 50 books (40/50) 
I read the "Wolves of Mercy Falls" trilogy over Christmas. These were really good! It is a young adult series, a love story about a boy & a girl, shape shifting wolves, really captivating! I would definitely read more books by this author. 

51. Steam clean the carpets - Complete
I snagged a basic steam cleaner off Craigslist for $15. It did a pretty good job and it was easier than I expected. I still would like to get our carpets professionally cleaned. A preschooler, 2 cats and a dog + extra kids/dogs visiting = a lot of wear on our rugs! 

52. Hang curtains in the living room & bedroom (Half complete) 
I hung up curtains in our living room. That was actually the first time I've ever had curtains:) I love them, it really adds an extra something to our space. We didn't find perfect curtains for our bedroom yet...but I'm looking. You can see a bit of my living room curtains behind my adorable boys ------> 

55. Assemble first aid kits to put into both cars - Complete
I didn't actually ASSEMBLE first aid kits, but I bought them at Target! I put them in each vehicle & thankfullly haven't needed them yet. I'm sure it will be useful for skinned knees at the park this summer! 

59. Pay off credit card debt - Complete
I'm calling this complete because we are in a debt consolidation program, and have been successful on it for 18 months. In summer 2014, we will be debt free except for student loans. Credit card bills were previously running our lives, and it has made a huge impact on our lives since consolidation. We are completely credit card free & I love it! 

76. Cook tacos for Glen 
This probably seems rather random to most people. Glen grew up eating Mexican food, which his mom cooked with her own unique twist. I rarely cook Mexican because it's constantly being compared. His mom makes really yummy tacos, frying each prestuffed corn tortilla individually. I made up a batch for dinner one night, and they were "just as good as moms..." but really better! :D 

So that is that. I'm going to post a separate update tallying my goals and my thoughts on this challenge!