January Roundup!

34. No eating out (for 30 days)
YAY! We decided January would be a month for no eating out. Our only planned exceptions were for date night. We actually ate out once, while traveling to my parent's for a day trip. But I didn't ever run through the drive through, I ensured I ate breakfast before leaving the house. We finished the month by starting a new diet/meal plan. I feel so much healthier, and our wallets are a lot happier. :) 

83. Do 20 art projects with Caleb. (10/20) 
Caleb & I followed this tutorial to make penguin cards. I was attempting to make black paint, but ended up with a lovely shade of purple. So we made purple penguins! Caleb loved making his foot print. He practiced cutting while I made the beaks. Then he used a glue stick to attach it all together. I wrote "Just waddling by..." on the front with a thank you note on the back. CUTE! 

61. Have ten date nights (8/10) 
Glen & I had TWO nights out this month. Can I get a woot woot?! We spent our first night using a Groupon to Buffalo Brothers. I had a really yummy pretzel sandwich burger. Afterwards we went to Verizon to upgrade our cell phones. We ended up with fancy smart phones! Can I get another woot woot?! :) 

Our second date was out to Chili's. We had one of their meal deals, which included 2 margaritas, Loaded cheese fries, 2 entrees and a molten Oreo cake. The food was amazing, our server was fun - it was a great night. 

60. Mail out 10 thank you notes (10/10) COMPLETE! 
I sent out thank you notes from Caleb to our family for his Christmas presents, using our penguin craft project! 

8. Visit the zoo 3 times. (3/3) COMPLETE!

One very cold day in December, Glen, Caleb & I took a trip to the zoo. It was fantastic! We had the zoo to ourselves and enjoyed every second. There were a lot of animals out and about. We ate a picnic lunch in front of the gorillas. The seals & otters were both out swimming/playing. It was just such a wonderful visit. We bought a family  membership so will definitely be back in the Spring!!!

7. Visit the aquarium 3 times. (2/3)

After Christmas we took a morning to go visit the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. Caleb was a rebellious 3 year old, extra tired out from all the Christmas festivities. He was a bit of a bear but we had a nice visit. He especially liked the sea horses and alligators! Here are crabby Caleb & crabby Grandpa!! 


The Lightning Thief

16. Read 50 books (30/50)

I just finished reading "The Lightning Thief" by Rick Riordan. It's part of a young adult series, Percy Jackson & The Olympians. This is the first book in the series. My husband, sister & oldest nephew have all read this book and raved about it! I had seen the movie, and was only slightly interested in the book. I decided to give it a whirl & it was a great book! I think the movie ruined it for me a little. The movie absolutely butchered the book (as usual), so I was expecting something different. Overall I really enjoyed the book and am excited to see how the series pans out. I think I will enjoy the next book much more going into it with zero expectations.