38. Follow a cleaning routine

My original goal was to follow FlyLady's cleaning routine. I love a lot of her philosophies and her site is full of great ways to keep a house free of CHAOS! (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). But I don't like the idea of rushing through my housework. One of her routines is a weekly home blessing hour, in which you clean glass, floors, change sheets, empty trash, vacuum, declutter etc all in one hour. We are blessed with a huge kitchen floor, and it takes me a while to clean it. I enjoy taking my time on my housework and having a satisfying result.

So anyway, I decided to make my own cleaning schedule. Here is what I did:

Sunday: Change sheets
Monday: Laundry, Vacuum, Cut Coupons/Meal Plan, Bathroom
Tuesday: Empty all trash to the street, Scoop Litter Box
Wednesday: Dust, Bathroom, Sweep/Mop
Thursday: Litter box, laundry, grocery shopping
Friday: Vacuum, Dust, Kitchen
Saturday: Litter box, Bathroom, Sweep

I didn't follow it all 100%, but I love having a calendar to look at. I keep it posted on the side of my fridge and it helps keep me on task. It breaks up the chores to manageable tasks each day around my personal schedule, and keeps the house free of CHAOS! :)

All of this now goes out the window - I started back at work fulltime this week! Its time for me to find a new routine for our new busy lives.


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