Craft Crazy Caleb!

83. Do 20 art projects with Caleb. (15/20) 

Caleb & I had a busy morning crafting today. It made our rainy Monday a little more fun!

I had been wanting to make some pine cone bird feeders for our bushes outside. We have a lovely pair of Cardinals living there. Caleb & I see them regularly. He loves looking for the red bird when we're outside, and was super excited to learn that Mr. Bird had a wife! Using Crisco and bird seed, we whipped up two feeders and hung them outside. I was totally surprised to see Mr Cardinal outside within 5 minutes chowing down....yay!

Our second task was painting! We started off with a plate full of paint. Caleb started off finger painting, then used his brushes and finished off by driving cars through the wet paint! I had seen the car idea on one of my favorite blogs and was itching to try it with Caleb.

Caleb was done with this painting, but wanted to paint more so I put down a fresh piece of paper for him. We used his hand prints to make flowers in different colors. (Something I had seen on Pinterest!!) We thought the stems looked like cacti:) I may cut these out and glue them on to a different paper to make something worth hanging.

At this point, I was done but Caleb was not! He said I want to do a craft! I grabbed my phone, and looked through my Kids Craft board on Pinterest to find an idea. We cut out a rain drop from aluminum foil, used a glue stick to put it on construction paper and then blue/white dot paint on top! I really like how it came out.

And OMG Blogger is ANNOYING with their new setup! I was trying to put pictures in an orderly manner & have given up! What is the issue? AGHHH! Maybe I get why so many people have switched to WordPress. 


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