Catching up!

I'm rather behind on posting on my blog. I'm running out of time to complete my goals! I've been rather busy enjoying my summer with my family. But this is what I've accomplished so far!

83. Do 20 art projects with Caleb. (20/20) 

  • Last week Caleb & I painted with bubbles. I mixed together paint & bubble mixture in a cake pan. We used a straw to blow bubbles in it, then held our construction paper on top. The bubbles pop on the paper making an interesting effect. It was fun making the bubbles, but overall a disappointing project. Maybe my mixture wasn't strong enough - or our color wasn't bright enough. Worth revisiting in the future. 
  • Earlier in the Spring, Caleb made robin foot art. He LOVES painting with his feet. This was one of the first projects that he really added his own embellishments. The pictures above show the robin Caleb did all by himself, and the one I put the touches on:) I love both of them! 
64. Buy a present for Glen just because 
  • This summer Kangaroo Express (the local gas station/convenience store) is selling Roo Cups. The cups are $7 and you can refill them all summer long with slushies & soda for .25! I thought this would be a fun treat for Glen. I reserved the cup on their website, and hurried in to snag my cup. (Last summer they sold out in a flash!) Caleb & I made a trip to the bank to withdraw $10 in quarters. I surprised Glen with a roll of quarters & his very own Roo Cup. He has been enjoying stopping on his way home from work! Sometimes Caleb & I snag his cup and share a slushie too:) 
44. Rearrange and hang wall art/family pictures
I wrote this goal when we were living in Wilson. In our home there I had a big pile of frames that were "homeless" sitting behind our couch. Since moving to Raleigh, I've found homes on our walls for all of our art & photos. Our immediate family is featured in the living room, extended family along the hall and there is a mix of art/photos in our bedrooms. Recently I moved Caleb's toys into his bedroom - leaving a huge empty wall space in our living room. I moved some frames around & created an art line to display Caleb's crafts. I love it! The large family picture is from our Spring shoot with Melissa Berg Photography. I plan on updating at least 1 of the 2 frames on this wall with Caleb's 3 year pictures. I gotta get on that! 

30. Wear a dress/skirt everyday for a week 
  • I adore wearing skirts in the summer. It is cool, light & makes me feel very feminine. I started out July wearing only skirts/dresses, and have not worn much else this month. I snagged some skirts at a great sale at Belk earlier this season - so I have a decent selection. 
16. Read 50 books (35/50) 
98. Accomplish something noteworthy that wasn’t on my list 

I've been pondering on what I would do to consider this goal complete. I think this is a pretty good choice. Glen & I became foster dog parents last week! A friend of mine in GA had posted on her Facebook about a neglected pup who needed a foster home. Glen & I talked about it and decided to take on the task. Joey came to us after living in a small outdoor pen for years. He has never lived in a home, enjoyed belly rubs or taken a walk. He has been great with us so far - he's already house trained, and is learning basic commands. I'm excited to work with local rescues to find Joey's forever home. 
Joey does have heartworm, and may have some other health issues pop up. You can read more about his story & contribute to his health care here


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