Catching up in March

16. Read 50 books (5/50)
I finally finished reading "Under the Dome" by Stephen King. I started it in November....and I just kept taking breaks from reading it. I really enjoyed this book. Here is the plot in a nutshell - On a perfectly ordinary fall day, an invisible, impregnable barrier surrounds the small town of Chester's Mill, Maine. Nightmare ensues. This is the first Stephen King b
ook I've ever read, I was impressed by the complexity of the characters and their stories. Really fascinating read.

70. Invite the Kruders over to see the house
We had Brenda, Chris & the girls over to the house this month. They have hosted us for dinner & fun countless times, and it was nice to play hostess for once. We enjoyed Chinese food & played some Wii. The evening was cut short due to a sick baby, but we'll definitely do it again soon!

83. Do 20 art projects with Caleb. (1/20)
This is a new goal I added. I recently started following this toddler craft blog and its been inspiring me to get creative with Caleb. My mom stocked us up on tons of craft supplies for Caleb's birthday so I want to be motivated to use them! Last week we cut out a tree trunk out of brown construction paper, glued it on a large piece of paper and finger painted green leaves on top. Caleb had a blast, made a huge mess and I love looking at his tree hanging on the wall. Success!

84. Take him to a park 50 times (29/50)
Caleb & I visited Marsh Creek Park last week. It was a lovely Spring day and it felt great to get out. This was a fun park - can't wait to play there again!


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