Wake me up when September ends

...for some reason that song is in my head...


1. Visit 4 points of interest in the Wilson area (3/4)
Since we don't live in the Wilson area anymore, this is a little bit harder to complete. Last week we visited the Neuseway Nature Park in Kinston. This place was AWESOME! There was a Nature Center which had animals to view, a touch tank and an underground cave with more animals. We saw a parrot who sings HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a cute little fox and a huge snapping turtle! The next stop was the Health & Science museum. They had a huge replica of a stomach that the kids could climb in, and a tunnel heart. I went into the tunnel and it was scary! Not repeating that experience:) We finished our day playing on the huge, totally awesome playground (in the rain). The Park also has a small campground I would love to stay at someday.

16. Read 50 books (28/50)
I read "The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to your Spouse." It was a really easy read, and I couldn't believe how spot on the concepts were. I think Glen's love language is physical touch, and mine is acts of service. I 100% recommend this book to any couple! Gary Chapman also wrote a love language book for kids, I plan on reading that soon!

18. Try 25 new recipes (20/25)
I made these Cookies & Cream Bars a few weeks ago. Super easy & yummy! I smashed my oreos with a can, I think I'll use a food processor next time for a smoother look.

I saw this recipe for Pepperoni Pizza Puffs the other night, and immediately went to the kitchen to whip up a batch. They are really quick to make and an easy snack/lunch. I think they were too salty, I'll probably play with the seasoning next time I make them.

95. Write to 25 companies & request coupons (10/25)
I emailed 3 companies & requested coupons. I received 2 "no" responses already, but maybe the 3rd will send me some goodies!


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