End of July Accomplishments!

I have been trying to do an individual post for each task, but I am way behind so here is my catch up for July!

18. Try 25 new recipes (4/25) Corn Cakes
I had 2 ears of corn in the fridge that really needed to be used so I gave this recipe a try. I didn't have any saltines so I used bread crumbs, and we were out of milk so I used heavy cream. The cakes turned out okay, Glen said they were good. Something was not quite right - I'm not sure if the bread crumbs made them too soggy or I didn't cook them long enough. I feel like they should have been more crunchy. I would definitely try these again.

29. Bake something once a month for a whole year (3/12) Blueberry Cream Cheese Cake
Yum! I really liked this cake. It's more of a breakfast/muffiny cake. Glen & I had it for dessert topped with ice cream; I also ate it for breakfast with yogurt. Again, I made a few changes to the recipe - using white flour & white sugar instead of wheat flour and sucanat. Caleb helped me cook (and eat the blueberries!) and he really liked the cake too.

84. Take Caleb to a park 50 times (8/50)
Despite the 100° weather, Caleb & I went out to the Raleigh Road park this week. It's very shady so it didn't feel that hot while we were playing. I brought a little picnic snack with us and Caleb enjoyed his very first Capri Sun.

85. Visit Marbles Kids Museum
Caleb & I went to Marbles last week for a playdate. He was at Marbles once before when he was around 5 months old, so this was really his first experience. He LOVED it! We were there for about 4 hours and played in each exhibit. I definitely want to go back with Glen.





Busy month! I want to be a guinea pig and eat all your delicious desserts.

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