Can we say SLACKER?!

I've been neglecting my blogs lately. :( We moved from Wilson to Raleigh about 3 weeks ago, and life has been a little hectic! Let's see if I can catch up!

16. Read 50 books (3/50)
I FINALLY finished "Eat, Pray, Love." I started this book in June and had the hardest time getting through it. It was an interesting story but very drawn out. I'm probably just too accustomed to reading fiction. I do not plan on seeing the movie.

18. Try 25 new recipes (19/25)
I made my first homemade pizza! I started with this sauce recipe, it was awesome! The dough recipe came from an encyclopedia cookbook from the 70's. Overall, it was a great pizza. I look forward to making it regularly and perfecting my techniques.

49. Replace coffee and end tables
Our coffee/end tables were from Ikea. The end table had a shattered leg, and the coffee table was starting to bubble. Ikea furniture is cute, but its definitely disposable. I prefer real wood stuff! My grandmother in NJ gave me 2 end tables and a coffee table that are solid cherry wood. They look lovely in our living room. I hope to refinish and polyurethane them someday.

61. Have ten date nights
Glen & I took a night off to enjoy Olive Garden's NeverEnding Pasta Bowl. We triple dated with 2 other couples and had a fun time. Aunt Nancy was kind enough to babysit (and clean up cat puke, that makes an awesome sitter!)

84. Take him to a park 50 times (13/50)
I'm glad to say I do not think I can count all the times we've played at the park the last few weeks. Here is what I can remember: we played at the park in Wilson one last time before we moved, visited the Wake County Landfill Park, Shelley Lake and Laurel Hills with our playgroup, and Laurel Hills again with Daddy. Caleb loves the park and I love getting out!

87. Go out and feed the ducks
Last week we visited Shelley Lake with Ashley & Jenny, and their kiddos Jack & Maddie. The kids all had fun feeding the ducks. Maddie loved eating the bread herself, Jack kept asking for "piece!" and Caleb just enjoyed the throwing. I can't wait to do it again!

Whew! I think we're caught up, no pictures because Glen has my computer disconnected for some updating! Oh well!



I'm slacking in my regular blog, too. You have certainly been busy and that's a wonderful thing. And have I mentioned how HAPPY I am that you live nearby again? YAY!

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